5 Health Reasons To Pay Attention To Sports Choices

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. And since activity, sportsmanship, skill, and building social skills are all wrapped up into the idea of playing sports, it’s no surprise that many parents get their kids into as many of them as their children are interested in.

However, there are a few health considerations when choosing a sport, and though some of them don’t really come into fruition until later years, the early years get washed out a bit. But, when thinking about the future of a sports career, think about football, running, baseball, hockey and wrestling.

Concussions In Football

Lots of kids enjoy playing football, but as people become bigger and stronger, concussions become more prevalent. And even with better safety equipment and rules that keep getting put in place to avoid injuries, there are still many cases every year of kids, teens, and adults ending up permanently injured for some reason or another. So from a health standpoint, be sure to keep a balanced mind in your decisions regarding playing football.

Knee Injuries In Running

And it might seem like letting your kid on the track team is a nice, healthy way to keep them active and avoid impact injuries, but long miles on the road do a pretty serious number on knees and ankles, even with proper form. So whereas running is extremely healthy, too much running over time can give someone bad knees, ankles, and hips that they’ll have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

The Likelihood of a Baseball Career

And touch on mental health for a minute. If you kid is playing baseball, and is actually quite good, at some point there will be some kind of pressure to do it for a living. However, before you get hyped on the possibility of millions of dollars for playing ball, it’s important that you understand the likelihood of a career in baseball. And it’s pretty close to zero. Make sure not to depend on it as a child.

Broken Teeth In Hockey

When playing hockey, the permanent potential is to get whacked in the mouth or otherwise in the face with a puck, a stick, or a fist. Younger kids usually can’t cause too much damage, but as bodies get bigger, they start to fly and injuries will commence.

Infections On the Wrestling Mat

Wrestling is an awesome sport, but everyone needs to be aware of basic cleanliness factors. There are chances for getting infections from opponents or from dirty wrestling mats, to hygiene has to come into play at all times, and strict measures taken during both practices and matches.